I am a new young mom and feel like there is so much that I was unprepared for or had no idea about. This page is all about helping support others in their journey, especially for those with allergies or other genetic conditions.

Our daughter V has not only Incontinentia Pigmenti (IP), a genetic condition that will affect her for her entire life, but she also has food allergies to dairy, soy, corn and egg.

I thought that I knew about food allergies as I personally have allergies to gluten and dairy. Boy was I wrong. Our journey into learning about allergies and how difficult it is to eat in this increasingly processed food world has been eye opening to me. I am learning many things, like how to freeze, can, and store fruits and vegetables so that we can eat year round without having allergic reactions.

I am hoping that others can learn along with us and discover exactly what it means to have food allergies or other medical conditions, how it affects every aspect of ones life, and how to be respectful to those around you. So join me in this journey of learning how to live a free life, free of allergens, free of stress, free of judgement.